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A team of brave vets put their own lives on the line in order to save a badly injured elephant.

Film producer Verity White was filming the darting of a giraffe in Murchison Falls National Park with the help Ugandan Conservation Foundation and Uganda Wildlife Authority Vet Team, when they spotted the limping elephant.

The team at Uganda Wildlife Authority were already familiar with the young female elephant, which is believed to be in her 20s, as they previously removed a poachers snare from her leg.

Although they had hoped that she would not require any further treatment, it was clear that her wound was infected and in urgent need of attention.

When they found the elephant, she was standing near water which would make sedating her incredibly dangerous.

So instead, the foundation leader Mike Keigwin made the brave decision to leave the vehicle and head out on foot, in order to move the elephant to a safe location.


Verity explains, ‘the elephant was scared and reluctant to move, but they bravely moved towards her as a group, waving branches and even using smoke to try and scare her out of the wet valley.’

‘Being so close to an injured elephant on foot is extremely dangerous and the rangers were very brave to do so.’

In total, it took a rescue team of 15 people to safely dart the elephant and start to clean her wound.

During the procedure, the team did everything they could to ensure the elephant was as safe and comfortable as possible. Her trunk was held open to help her breathe, a dedicated ranger monitored her heart rate and whilst the team covered her body with palm leaves to keep her cool.

But as soon as they began to treat the wound, it became clear that something was seriously wrong.

The lesion was severely infected, so much so that it was completely filled with maggots.

Thankfully, the team managed to disinfect and clean the wound before leaving the elephant to wake up naturally and rejoin her herd.

Watch the video above to watch this incredible rescue unfold.