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When 17-month-old Colby Ramos-Francis’ parents took him to the USA for sight-saving surgery, they knew what a huge difference it could make to their son’s life.

Born with a small, pink, heart-shaped birthmark over his eyelid, mum Aimee and dad Jamie presumed it was no big deal, but by his 6-week check-up it had ballooned, and he was diagnosed with a rapidly growing benign tumour, known as a haemangioma. Treatment proved ineffective.

‘It was really scary, and we just needed to get help fast,’ recalls Jamie.

Desperate, Aimee posted on a Facebook site for the haemangioma parents’ support group. This led to contact with the Little Baby Face Foundation in the USA. The charity agreed to cover costs to travel to New York where a team of world-renowned specialists would operate on Colby.

Watch the (sometimes gory!) video and see what a huge difference it has made to little Colby’s life.