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This chef’s dishes will certainly leave your mouth watering – but they won’t fill you up!

Chef and YouTube star Yukiko Hasada isn’t your average chef, and spends her days turning regular-sized ingredients into tiny gourmet meals.

All of her creations are made on the family dining table, and Yukiko claims that the tiny food tastes exactly the same as the human-sized portions she cooks for her family.

So far, her miniature menu has included bread rolls, chocolate gateau and even a chow mein complete with a perfect mini soft boiled egg – impressive, eh?!

Yukiko was first inspired to start crafting her teeny tiny meals after she came across a doll-sized kitchen set complete with a working stove.


She explains, ‘I decided to give it a try when I came across the miniature kitchen set by accident. As with any other forms of art, sometimes my creation tends to turn out a lot better than I initially expected.’

‘The most difficult part is definitely how to control the fire power since I can only use blocks of solid fuel in my mini stove. Because of that, making sweets is very difficult.’

‘I have been creating tiny food for around two years and I mainly get my inspiration from real dishes that I cook for my family.’

‘Even the miniature utensils give me inspiration from time to time! If I see a cute minter breadbasket, then I think of a loaf of bread or doughnuts.’

‘I like to come up with the dishes that complement the cuteness of mini utensils.’

In fact, Yukiko loves her tiny cooking equipment so much that she is now hoping to launch her very own range of mini utensils so that everyone can make their own micro meals at home.

Watch the video above to check out Yukiko in action and subscribe to her YouTube channel Bistro Miniature to see what she whips up next!