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Tucked away behind a row of unassuming London houses is a very unusual kind of gym!

The Submission Room, owned by wrestling pro ‘Pippa The Ripper’, currently has 23 female wrestlers working there – and they’re all ready to grapple on the mats with their male clients!

Pippa explains, ‘these are guys that want wrestling. They want to be scissored, they want to be put in headlocks, they want to be knocked out by my thighs.’

‘Guys come for all different sorts of reasons. For some guys it is a fetish, a lot of the guys come because it is really good fun and it’s a good way to keep fit. Some of the guys do want to win but generally we win.’

‘There’s a fantastic group of girls that are very skilled and strong and guys come and wrestle them.’

Amongst the wrestlers that work at The Submission Room are Pussy Willow and Amethyst Hammerfist. Having previously worked as a dominatrix, Pussy is used to having a controversial career, but feels like she found her ‘true calling’ when she discovered wrestling.

As for Amethyst, she finds wrestling a great way to unleash her feisty personality!

She explains, ‘I’ve always been feisty and aggressive, maybe a bit too much. When I found the wrestling it literally saved me because now I have an outlet where every day I can be feisty and aggressive in a safe place and get paid for it!’


But she is keen to state that her clients don’t come to her for sex, ‘I try and explain it to some of my friends. It’s quite difficult for people, they think, ‘do they get off on it, do they orgasm and do they want to have sex with you?’ if they wanted sex they could go to someone and buy sex probably a lot cheaper!’

One of The Submission Room’s most regular clients is council worker Steve, who has been using the gym for the past 3-4 years.

He says, ‘I think wrestling is a great sport, always have done, but I don’t want to roll around on the floor with a sweaty bloke.’

‘The thing with most guys is they think, ‘look at that – look how sexy that is! Somebody is sitting on his face, that must be so sexy’ – but you know what? 0.01 of a second before they sit on your face, yes it is sexy. But then you can’t breathe, so it stops being sexy very quickly!’

‘It would frighten the life out of most people if they did it.’

As well as loyal clients like Steve, Pippa’s business is going from strength to strength as more people discover the gym. In the future she hopes to move to bigger premises in order to make the gym accessible to more people.

She says, ‘there’s absolutely no ‘type’ of person that comes. We have young people, old people, rich people, poor people, people that have been into wrestling for years, people who have just discovered it.’

‘I really don’t know what I’d be doing if I hadn’t found wrestling. I get a huge kick out of it. I love learning about my body and how I can use it in different ways.’