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A man has proven that you don’t need to be a woman to be a material girl – by spending around £50,000 on surgery to look like Madonna.

Adam Daniel is now one of America’s top impersonators of the Queen of Pop and claims to have performed 4,000 shows in the past 12 years.

For Adam, Madonna is always in vogue!

For Adam, Madonna is always in vogue!

The 31-year-old, who performs as his alter ego Venus Delight, says: ‘I spent practically my whole life, my whole wallet, all the money that’s been given to me, to look like Madonna.

‘I’ve had my cheeks implanted and my jaw done several times, I’ve had my chin done and I’ve had brow lifts and fillers. But it is so worth it because goddamn I look like Madonna.’

The wardrobes at his home in Los Angeles are packed full of replicas of the Queen of Pop’s outfits.

He first became obsessed with the Like a Virgin singer when he was a teenager who was struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.

‘My obsession began when I was 15 years old and I started listening to all her music non-stop,’ says Adam. ‘I’d found one of her albums that my mum owned and I played it non-stop.

‘I became obsessed with everything she was doing and I really felt like she was speaking directly to me. Everything that I was feeling inside was what she was singing, and everything I wanted to be was what she was.’

Adam transforms himself into the Material Girl

Adam transforms himself into the Material Girl

But his extreme measures to replicate his idol and his almost lifelong obsession with her have led to some problems at home.

Adam’s mother Annette Guerra, who inadvertently introduced him to Madonna, is now regretting ever buying her album.

‘When he first became obsessed with her I was in denial, I didn’t want to believe it.

‘I really dislike her because he holds her in too high esteem – it’s like a religion to him.

‘I’m always worried about him when he has a procedure done. When he first started doing it he was going to pretty shady places where I didn’t think they were capable or qualified to do what they were doing.’

But Adam has no plans to tone down his obsession with Madonna.

‘My ex-boyfriend was like my mum – he didn’t want me to do it but knew it was a losing battle.

‘They wish I would spend it on other things like savings or a nice car but to me money comes and goes, possessions come and go, jobs come and go, but you’ve only got one life to live.’

As well as spending tens of thousands on surgery, Adam has a bulging Madonna wardrobe

As well as spending thousands on surgery, Adam has a bulging Madonna wardrobe

His main love is still performing as the blonde bombshell. ‘It’s an amazing feeling, it’s a huge rush and I get nervous because I want to look like her and sound like her,’ says Adam.

Adam has no regrets about his choice to become Madonna.

‘She’s such a powerful character, she’s such an iconic character and she’s a bitch, she’s a queen and just the image of perfection,’ he explains. ‘No-one understands my love for Madonna, I don’t even know if she would understand it.

‘I want to die and say hey I did this and no-one else did it. I did it and I enjoyed every minute.’