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A limbless man has one major ambition in life – to be able to hug his mum for the very first time  – and now he is close to getting the bionic arms that will enable him to do just that.

Talented artist Szabolcs Kollinger has the ultra-rare congenital disorder Tetra-amelia syndrome which has left him with no arms or legs. Having been abandoned by his birth mother, he was adopted by his mum Magdolna, who also has no legs and only one arm, at the age of 3 and can accomplish a huge range of tasks despite his physical disability, including turning out incredible artworks using his mouth to hold the paintbrush.


Szabolcs, 22, from a village near Budapest in Hungary, is now trying to raise the money to buy two bionic arms which will enable him to cuddle the mum who encouraged him to follow his dreams. He is determined to raise the money himself through public donations and by selling his artworks.

Watch the video of Szabolcs swimming, playing table tennis and painting, and prepare to be humbled.