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Supple Londoner Leilani Franco is so bendy she can fold herself into a carry-on suitcase.

The 29-year-old amazes onlookers by effortlessly fitting her body into hand-held luggage.

And Leilani, a professional contortionist, also holds the record for the fastest backbend walk and the fastest contortion roll.

But her most jaw-dropping trick – the most amount of full-body revolutions – shocks everyone she meets.

‘People are always amazed and shocked and disgusted about what I do,’ says Leilani.

‘Its really funny to see their reactions, especially when I just do things randomly in public like bending.’

Leilani watched Cirque Du Soleil when she was 18 and realised her talents were in league with the seasoned performers.

She is on stage several times a week in Berlin where her crazy contortions draw huge applause from the audience.

But unlike most contortionists who spend hours training to perform their unbelievable stunts, Leilani eats and drinks whatever she wants – and doesn’t train.

‘I never had to train to become really flexible I was just always really bendy.

‘My Russian coaches tell me you have to diet, you have to not drink alcohol, you cannot smoke, but I really like eating butter, I really like smoking, drinking and eating fatty foods.’

Her background as a ballet dancer and gymnast gave Leilani the experience needed to perform in front of huge crowds.

‘I invent new tricks by taking inspiration from everyday occurrences,’ she says.

‘For instance, I was brushing my teeth with my hands and I thought why not try it with my feet.

‘I try to do everything with my feet or upside down as much as possible just to see things from a new way.’

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Leilani even smokes with her feet – can’t be good for her!

Though none of her tricks hurt, bizarrely Leilani finds it difficult to bend forwards as she spends most of her time bending backwards.

And while her contortions may look painful, Leilani, who reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, does not plan on giving up her unusual career.

‘Being 29 years old I have not felt any repercussions yet. I have never once been injured in my life and I don’t feel any signs of slowing down.’

Leilani’s talent means she can spend months away from home but her family do not mind.

‘My family have supported me one hundred per cent in travelling the world and performing in all the greatest venues,’ she says.

‘They are very happy and very proud.

‘I think they are too proud – they are always showing off about me to their friends!’