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A mother and daughter got more than they bargained for when they ventured out into a lightning storm in the American northwest.

Video editor Carolanne Weske was visiting her mum, Stephanie Rey, at her home in Hayden, Idaho when the town began to experience an electrical storm.

The pair decided to get a first-hand look at the storm and took their camera phones with them to document the phenomenon.

Dusk began to set in as Carolanne lay on the ground filming her mother, who was standing a few feet in front of her with her own phone.

All of a sudden Stephanie was lit up amidst the approaching darkness as her daughter caught it all on camera, and for a split second she was glowing purple.

Lightning Strike - Woman Recounts Her Narrow Escape

A fraction of a second later she let out a terrified shriek as her phone flew from her hands and she became instantly confused and disorientated. Before running back to the house, Stephanie shakily told Carolanne that she thought she might have been struck by lightning.

‘Whether or not I actually got hit by the lightning, I’m not 100 per cent,’ Stephanie recalls. ‘It got super hot, it hurt like hell and then my arms and legs got really tingly and that lasted for about six hours.’

‘I guess it didn’t even give us time to be scared, it was such a shock,’ added Carolanne.

The young video editor has said that the experience won’t stop her from going out in a storm again. ‘It was so incredible and so powerful,’ she says. ‘It’s something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.’

Stephanie on the other hand isn’t quite as enthusiastic.

‘It could’ve killed me, I feel extremely lucky to be alive.’


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