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This 8-year-old boy is so tall that he doesn’t just tower over his classmates – but his teachers too!

Karan Singh from Meerut, India believes that he is the worlds tallest 8-year-old, and looking at his impressive 6ft 6in stature – we’re inclined to agree with him.

But breaking records is nothing new to Karan, who first entered the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest and tallest ever baby.

His mum, Shweatlana Singh, explains, ‘when my son was first born he was extremely tall. He was 7kg when he was born. He couldn’t even fit into the weighing scale – his feet stuck out the end! It was everywhere in the news – in all the newspapers, English media and foreign newspapers.’

Tall genes certainly seem to run in the family, as Karan’s mum Shweatlana, who stands at 7ft 2in tall, was named as India’s tallest woman in 2007. His dad Sanjay also measures an impressive 6ft 6in.

Despite it being clear where he gets his height from, Karan’s parents take their son to regular checkups to ensure his amazing growth isn’t affecting his health.


Sanjay explains, ‘we take Karan to an endocrinologist regularly. For both Shweatlana and Karan it might be an excess of the growth hormone.’

‘Till now, the tests have not shown any problems and everything is normal. Karan has a good stamina and has no internal problems.’

Unsurprisingly, this super-size family attracts plenty of attention when they’re out and about, but claim the only problem they face is getting clothes and shoes to fit.

Shweatlana says, ‘clothes that were for 6-month-old babies would fit him when he was first born. And then when he was 3 or 4 he would fit into clothes for 10-12 year olds.’

‘Now he has to wear tailor made clothes. We can’t find clothes in the market for either of us.’

For now, Karan is enjoying his height and hopes to become even taller in the future.

He says, ‘what I love most about my height is that I’m as tall as my mum and hopefully I will make my country proud.’


Watch the video above to see this towering family for yourself!