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Already weighing a whopping 700lb, morbidly obese model Monica Riley doesn’t have any plans to lose weight anytime soon!

Instead, she hopes to weigh 1000lb and eventually become so fat that she’s unable to move.

‘What attracts me to being immobile is you get to be like a queen. Like back in the Egyptian ages, where like, the more fatter you were the more you loved you were.’

On average, Monica eats between 6,000 and 8,000 calories, and her boyfriend Sidney is more than happy to help her try to reach her target weight.


‘To see Monica getting bigger just makes me feel proud, because she’s achieving what she wants to do. I mean of course I’m not complaining, I’ve been into, you know, fat girls, ever since I’ve been into girls – so I’m definitely not complaining!’

Sid even makes Monica special weight gain shakes, made from strawberry pop tarts, heavy cream, ice cream and milk, and often funnel feeds her in an attempt to help her pile on the pounds.

‘I started funnel feeding when I met Sid. Sid encourages me because, you know, it’s my goal and he wants to help me reach my goal.’

And it’s not just Sidney that takes pleasure in Monica’s size – she has a huge online following and can earn as much as $600 for a single photo shoot.


‘I have what they call feeders. At least once a month, I’ll have certain guys that’ll just send me money for food in return I’d send them a video or pictures of me eating the food or something like that.’

Sid is more than happy to take the saucy shots for Monica – but before they were together, the task fell to her 15-year-old stepbrother Joseph.

‘I was actually her photographer for a little while. It just really made her happy because she’s always wanted to model. It did feel strange a little bit at first, but after a little bit of getting used to it just felt normal. Because I mean for some people – actually a lot of people – it’s really abnormal to see someone of her size. But for me she’s always been around me for my entire life.’

But not everyone in the family has been fully supportive of Monica’s weight gaining goals. Monica’s mum Terri, who has been left mostly in the dark about her extreme plans, has real fears for her daughter’s health and quality of life.


‘She’s already obese. I see the struggles in her day-to-day life now, so to imagine her being bigger than she is now is very hard for me. It’s very hard to imagine that.

‘It hurts my heart to know that she doesn’t want to live a happy life.’

Monica hasn’t always been determined to lose weight, and was once slimming to reach the weight required for weight-loss surgery after her ex-boyfriend made cruel comments about her size.

‘He would pretty much push me to lose weight. I was only eating 500 calories a day. Losing weight did not make me happy at all. I was supposed to have my surgery but I realised I couldn’t go through with it.’

Now Monica has found someone who appreciates her size, she’s determined to hold onto Sid, and they’ve even discussed starting a family together.

‘We’ve talked about having children and if we ever did we would definitely hire help like a nanny or something. Me and Sid have conceived a baby before, as a matter of fact twice, and I miscarried both times. If a doctor told me that in order to have a baby I would have to lose weight, I think I’d honestly probably lose weight.’

But for now – Monica is showing no signs of losing the pounds!

‘Anybody can die at any time, it doesn’t matter if you’re fat or skinny or whatever.’

‘This is my life, and this is the way I want to live it.’