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Extreme savers Nicola, 29, and Dave, 33, from Durham are hoping to be able to retire by the time their 50 – all thanks to their super scrimping!

‘The big dream is, we would like to retire early when we’re 50.’

‘Which basically means we have to save over £270,000 to make that work.’

‘What we’re aiming for is to save enough money so we can bridge the gap between retiring early and when our pensions kick in.’

In order to save such a huge amount of dosh, the couple have had to live an extremely frugal life, and live by a simple scrimping guide.

They stay really organised to ensure they’re keeping track of their finances, avoid getting sucked into special offers in the supermarket, hunt out bargains and keep a close eye on their energy useage.

Every single penny counts (Nicola even cuts Dave’s hair!) and they’re full of useful tips to cut costs.

‘Apparently if you leave your TV on stand by, instead of turning it off at the wall, it can cost you an extra £80 a year.’

But ultimately, the couple has vowed not to let their obsession with saving take over their lives.

‘It’s all about spending time together. You can’t put a price on time, it’s the most important thing.’