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Meet Summer Rayne Oakes, the environmentalist, model and author, who shares her Brooklyn apartment with over 500 plants.

‘So when people come in to the house I like this element of feeling like they’re walking through a forest. My friends would always get like whacked in the face with a branch but I was like, ‘that’s the point! You’re like walking through the forest!’’

Summer has amassed a huge collection of indoor plants over the past 6 years and admits her plant collection is a ‘borderline obsession’.


‘My mum and dad named me Summer Rayne – like a lot of people ask me if that’s my real name. My dad always jokes like ‘you could have become a porn star or an environmentalist!’

The environmentalist typically spends around $100 a month on plants as well as about 30 minutes every day taking care of them.


‘It’s hard to walk into a plant shop without wanting to buy a plant. It’s tough.’

And it’s not just money and time that Summer invests in her ever growing collection. She’s done plenty of research into a kind of music that plants enjoy, and even made them a special playlist!


‘At the end of the day they’re living breathing creatures and you know what’s great about them is they don’t like talk back. Now that I found out that plants enjoy the music too I do play it a little bit louder than before!’

She even chats to them too!

‘I don’t really talk to my plants in that kind of way, although sometimes! Sometimes I’ll pass by and I’ll like touch a leaf. There’ll definitely be like loving energy.’


Summer has no plans to curb her obsession with plants any time soon, and wants to keep expanding her empire well into the future.

‘So how I would like to carry this on in the future would probably be getting a plot of land in a community garden, continuing gardening and inspiring others to get their garden on!’

‘I mean I think the new cat lady is the plant lady! I’m going to be that crazy plant lady!’