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Professional body-builder Chul Soon from South Korea has one of the most famous physiques – thanks to his staggering 328,000 followers on Instagram.

His friends call him the Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger, but getting this ripped hasn’t come easy to Chul! It took him 15 years of hard work to go from 125lb to 220lb, but he couldn’t be more chuffed with the results.

‘When I was skinny, I was often treated with disrespect. For example, people looked down at me when I was going to stores to return goods, helping others who were in danger and speaking to other people. Now, however, it’s totally different due to the fact that I got bigger. People started treating me with respect.’


But not everyone is a fan of his super-muscular look.

‘Since Koreans prefer slim body shapes, my body would look different or weird to them. In Europe or in the US, people compliment my body a lot by saying “nice body” or “sexy body”, and they ask me to take pictures with them.’

One person who certainly loves Chul’s look is his girlfiend Su Jeong Kim, but she admits that all the attention he receives can be overwhelming.

‘As his girlfriend, sometimes I get jealous, but I know he is a public figure. I was able to work it out. I understand!’


Being a well-known public figure, Chul has often come under fire about how he achieved and maintains his muscular physique. But he’s adamant that it’s all down to hard work and a strict diet – including his favorite smoothie of cooked chicken, bananas and orange juice!

‘I used to do 3000 sit-ups a day. But since I studied about working out, I’ve spent less time doing sit-ups and eaten better than before.’


‘I know there are some professional bodybuilders who use steroids legally. I’ve seen many of them from other countries but I’ve barely seen them in Korea.’

Chul has already got a number of titles under his belt, but doesn’t want to take it easy anytime soon – instead, he has big plans for the future.

‘I’d like to continue with my bodybuilding career for the next 10 years. At the same time, I’d like to expand my nutrition gym business as successfully as I have the bodybuilding.’