Brave kids 21 videos

The brothers are full of energy and life during the daytime, but as soon as the sun sets they become completely paralysed, and are unable to talk or move.

Their condition so rare in fact, that their dad admits that ‘no doctor in the world has ever even heard of these symptoms before.’


The situation has been heartbreaking for the ‘solar boys’ parents. They have a daughter who does not have the condition, but have already lost two sons to the illness. They have now made the difficult decision to let the Mohammad and Abdul live away from home, where they can be observed by doctors and receive the best possible care.

Their father days, ‘we feel very stressed that they are unwell. I am hopeful that they will be cured of their illness.

During their time in the hospital, the ‘solar boys’ have undergone over 300 tests, but baffled doctors have still not been able to fully diagnose their unusual condition. They do however believe the cause could be genetic, and due to the fact that their parents are first cousins.


Professor Javed Akram Pakistan, who is treating the boys admits that it is a difficult situation, as ‘we are trying to discover and describe a new condition here.’

He is also honest that sadly, the boys are not alone, and genetic issues due to people marrying their cousins are not entirely uncommon within Pakistan.

‘For every 100 cases of genetic disorder in the US, we have 400 in Pakistan.’

‘While these boys will now hopefully have a near-normal life with the help of the medicines, our extended aim is to make sure that this is not carried through to their coming generations.’

Who knows what the future holds for these brave ‘solar boys’ – but we hope it’s a bright one.