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Think of models and you might think of stick-thin waifs nibbling on lettuce leaves. But Caitlyn Finley is a model with a difference!

‘I can eat three meat-lover pizzas, four double cheeseburgers, an order or two of fries, a litre or two of soda and two to three milkshakes in one sitting,’ says 22-year-old Caitlyn.

In the world of super-size big beautiful women (SSBBW), feeder Caitlyn is a BIG star. And her biggest supporter? Her mum Dorothy. Not only is Dorothy fully behind her daughter’s quest to be big and beautiful, but she is also her photographer.  ‘It makes me smile when I see the photographs,’ says the proud mum, ‘I think she’s beautiful.’

Caitlyn hasn’t always been so comfortable being big, having been badly bullied as a child. She went on a crash diet, but that didn’t bring happiness, as she felt she’d betrayed her real self. But then she came across a group of SSBBWs, and started doing webcam work – as Calico Bombshell.

She will gorge on up to 10,000 calories in a sitting, and has been asked to drink bacon grease on webcam by her legion of fans who find grease particularly erotic – that and ‘anything covered in cheese’.

For anybody worried that size-24 Caitlyn, who has a whopping BMI of 80, is eating herself to death, she has a message: ‘I have perfect health, my blood pressure is athletic perfection.’ Though she does concede that her extreme, calorie and fat-laden diet may not be the perfect recipe to living to a hundred. ‘But if that’s what makes you happy, whatever,’ she says defiantly.

Caitlyn is targeting 500lb by the age of 30, and a BMI of over 100. ‘My long-term goal is to be as big as is physically possible without being bed-bound.’

With her mum’s support, Caitlyn is sure she’ll reach her goals.


Watch the video and tell us what you think of Caitlyn’s lifestyle choice, and her mum’s support of it.