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Meet Sean Stephenson and Mindie Kness. A loving, besotted married couple – with a difference. Because Sean is just 2ft 8in tall.

But Sean hasn’t let being born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or brittle-bone disorder, hold him back… in life or in love. Having met in 2009, the couple, from Arizona, USA, married in 2012. Sean and Mindie insist that it is not a matter of Mindie making a sacrifice to be Sean’s wife.

‘I think when people look at our marriage, they think how sweet of a person Mindie is to be in love with me, and if only they knew how much I take care of her, and put up with her, they would be seeing me as the saint,’ says Sean with a wicked smile.

Although Sean is in a wheelchair, he maintains as much independence as possible – the only thing he needs help with on a daily basis is showering. ‘So he gets to hang out with a naked woman,’ laughs Mindie.

Talking of their love life, Sean is very clear that he has no problems satisfying his wife in that department, despite being on the end of some abhorrent abuse from Internet trolls claiming otherwise. ‘I think Mindie would be the first to admit I’m the most sexual person she’s ever met – on the planet! Sex is a very important part of my life.’

Despite their obvious happiness, the couple, who are motivational speakers, have yet to have children – with a 50 per cent possibility that Sean’s condition would be inherited. Mindie says they would consider adopting. For now, though, they’re concentrating on their marriage, their business and buying a new home which they can modify for Sean’s needs.

Although Sean is well aware that some able-bodied people have a problem accepting him as a normal person with normal needs, he says that there are advantages to being him too. ‘Nobody forgets Sean Stephenson after they meet him!’ he insists.

Watch our video and we think you’ll agree!