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Sarah Zaad isn’t your average holistic therapist!

Instead of using her hands to massage her clients, she uses snakes – and even claims that this very unique massage technique can help cure depression.

43-year-old Sarah from Rio de Janeiro was first taught the art of snake massage from a fellow gypsy in Buenos Aires when she was 20 years old, and has been practising it ever since.

She explains, ‘I have two pythons and three BC6 which are boas.’

‘My connection with my animals goes beyond the physical plane, it is actually a soul connection.’

‘I am known as the Snake Queen.’

Sarah believes that her snakes have a magic touch which can benefit people suffering from a variety if disorders, including helping victims of abuse to come to terms with their ordeals.

She says, ‘the sensation you feel doing this massage is a sensation of deep love exchange.’

‘I do this massage with snakes because it is a beneficial treatment to many people. People who have issues with touching and also other types of disorders.’

‘One snake massage is worth 10 sessions of normal massage therapy.’

One of Sarah’s most loyal clients, Thayna G. Romaeo Da Silva credits Sarah’s unusual therapy for helping her during the darkest times of her life.


She explains, ‘I have been doing holistic massage with Sarah for over 5 years. I was abused when I was younger and I had to do treatment with drugs before but the drugs take away a bit of your emotions. I felt I was not being myself, that’s when I found the holistic therapy. All the snakes made me feel so much better.’

‘The massage started as therapy for me but now I do it as a relaxing thing. My mum thinks I am crazy cause she is scared of snakes. When they start crawling you feel as if many hands are squeezing you.’

‘I love the massage on my ass, my hips and on my shoulders, it is wonderful.’

‘I feel so much pleasure and relaxation. It’s an incredible feeling!’

And it’s not just the clients that enjoy this controversial massage – serpent-lover Sarah believes that they are pleasurable for the snakes too.

Sarah says, ‘this exchange is important for these reptiles because they have cold blood. So being in touch with us and our warmth is very pleasurable for them.’

‘If animal isn’t good, if animal is stressed or changing skins I don’t use them out of respect.’

‘I give a lot of affection. I grab them, talk to them, then I give them a little kiss and I put them to bed to relax.’

‘They are like children to me.’

Each to their own! Watch the video above to see what happened when Sarah ‘s son Rafael who is terrified of snakes plucked up the courage to give it a go!