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Martin and Lisa Price have decided to avoid traditional parenting methods in favour of a controversial new philosophy.

Their 2-year-old son Max is being raised as gender neutral, with the hopes of growing up with a stronger understanding of and sensitivity towards women.

Lisa describes gender neutral parenting as giving Max ‘the freedom to choose between stereotypically male and female clothes and toys without judging them.’

This appears to be working, as Max enjoys playing with both cars and dolls, and regularly switches between shirts and trousers and dresses and painted nails.


‘He loves pink!’ laughs his mum, who also says that his favourite dress is his black one decorated with pink flamingoes.

Dad Martin is perfectly happy for Max to follow whatever path in life he chooses, regardless of what aspects of which gender he ascribes to, believing that it’s ultimately down to him.

Though gender neutral parenting might not be for everyone, Martin and Lisa hope that the technique will give their son a good grounding in life, and provide him with the confidence to overcome any obstacle he may face.

‘He’ll become whoever he is without society telling him that he has to be a certain way,’ says Lisa.


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