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You’re guaranteed to leave with more than your average cut and blow-dry after meeting hairdresser Mykey O’Halloran!

The kind-hearted 25-year-old from Melbourne, Australia has been travelling around the country creating some very unconventional hairstyles for his fearless punters.

But instead of charging his clients for the unique styles he creates, he just makes his brave volunteers promise to raise money for charity. And so far, he’s managed to raise a phenomenal £14,000 for charity Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The idea for a hair road trip first started when a friend of Mykey’s, who was suffering from cancer, wanted to dye her hair rainbow-coloured, and he undertook the 5-hour journey to make it happen.

During his 30-day hair-styling road trip, Mykey managed to create a whopping 48 different crazy hairstyles – that’s no mean feat when each style can take up to 6 hours to complete!


Mykey’s wildest work to date includes a prawn and a watermelon, but shockingly he admits that he never practices a style before he starts working on it.

‘I never practice the styles before the day. I just visualize how I might curl or crimp pieces,’ he explains.

But where does he get the inspiration for his wacky ‘dos?

Mykey says, ‘I get inspired for my creative hairstyles by nature – if it grows on a tree or if it lives in the sea it resonates with me!’

Because of the huge success he’s had so far, Mykey is now planning to take his road trip stateside in a bid to raise even more money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

He explains, ‘In July I’m taking the Rainbow Road trip over to America. I’m going to be replicating 15 landmarks in America over 30 days.’

Don’t forget to watch the video above to see more of Mykey’s incredible work! Would you be brave enough to rock such an extreme hairstyle?