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Jen Glantz loves weddings. In fact, Jen loves weddings so much that she’s become the world’s first professional bridesmaid!

The single 26-year-old says she came up with the idea after performing the duty at her friends’ weddings. She was told she was so good at it that she decided to see if she could make a living out of offering her services to complete strangers.

After placing an advert on classifieds website Craigslist, Jen, from New York, says she was inundated with messages from brides-to-be all from over the world; women who either don’t have close friends or whose friends couldn’t make the wedding.


‘There is a great need for this, beyond what anyone could’ve imagined – including myself,’ says Jen. ‘My favourite thing at a wedding is getting to watch the bride walk down the aisle.’

‘Who wouldn’t want to be a professional bridesmaid full time, and who wouldn’t want to go to weddings as their profession?’ asks Jen.

And what about getting married herself? Single Jen says: ‘My mum is delighted at the idea of me going to more weddings because she truly thinks I will find the right man there!’

That’s what you call a perk of the job…