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Since their last video, Reba has given birth to Thom’s daughter Catherine, and the trio aim to raise the baby together.

It’s a complicated situation, with Thom dividing his time between both of his ‘sister wives’, but they all insist that it’s not going to have a negative effect on their new arrival.

Proud Dad Thom boasts, ‘that girl has love in every direction’ thanks to having an extra parent. And Belinda is keen to insist that she doesn’t feel jealous, and is happy to share the parenting responsibilities.


‘I felt very excited when she was born. And I feel just as if she was a part of me, as she was a part of them. We’re one big family.’

New mum Reba feels the same, and even thinks their relationships have all improved since Catherine arrived.

‘I think everybody became closer since she’s been born. She just puts that family together.’

This isn’t Belinda and Thom’s first experience of parenthood, as they already have 18 children between them from previous relationships.


Sadly, some of Belinda’s children have been taken into care by the state, which she believes is party due to her polyamourous lifestyle.

‘It’s not an easy road. There are a lot of nights that you cry. I’ve missed them but I believe what I’m fighting for is bigger. Hopefully they’ll look back and understand, and say, ‘hey, Mom stood up, and she fought for what she thought was right.’ I’d do it over again.’

Belinda’s hopes for her children’s understanding are not unfounded, as her 18-year-old daughter Jamie is fully supportive of her mum’s unusual lifestyle.

‘I would consider being a sister wife and living like this, because I believe in sister wives and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Having more than one wife helps the household a lot because you have two wives that could be helping cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids.’

She’s over the moon to have a new younger sister, and happy to accept Reba as part of their family.

‘Reba may be a year older than me but I still consider her a mum.’


Despite the criticism they have faced, the trio are now just focusing on raising Catherine, and Thom hopes that they will one day manage to find acceptance through reaching out to other polyamourous families.

‘There are thousands of men who have more than one wife in the United States. I made contact with the whole lot of them, and in fact we’re thinking about one day doing a church where we’re all welcome.’

For now, it seems that the family are living happily together, and Reba would even be happy for Catherine to pick this sort of lifestyle when she’s older.

‘I can see that it’s unconventional the way she’s being raised, but it’s our life and we can do it however we want to. And if she wants to do it one day, she can do it one day. I’m not going to be opposed to her living her life the way she wants to.’