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When Cristina and Benno Kaiser promised to love and cherish each other as they exchanged wedding vows, they never thought that another woman would end their loving marriage.

But now, 12 years after they said ‘I do’, the couple are getting a divorce so that their new girlfriend Sierra Kuntz doesn’t feel left out.

Polyamorous Cristina and Benno first decided to open their marriage after Cristina, who is bisexual, admitted that she felt sexually unfulfilled within their relationship.

Thankfully for Cristina, Benno was keen on the idea too and the couple set about about trying to find another woman to join their marriage.

Cristina explains, ‘I am attracted to both men and women and I think this kind of relationship helps me satisfy both the male attraction and the female attraction.’

After a series of failed dates and liaisons, the couple met Sierra on a trip to a local shopping centre.

Sierra explains, ‘I sold reptiles and this very beautiful woman came up to me and asked for my number. She had just been standing there with who I thought was her husband and I thought, ‘oh no – if I give this girl my number this guy is going to be so mad!’ Turns out I guess he was really happy about it!’

After just one month of dating, Sierra moved into the family home, and was thrilled when Cristina invited her to join their marriage.

Since moving in with Cristina and Benno, Sierra has given up her job working in the pet shop and is now a stay-at-home mum to the couple’s three children.

But what do Cristina and Benno’s children think about their new polyamourous relationship?


Son Isiah says, ‘I have two mums to help me out with my homework. I also have two mums to love and for them to love me too.’

‘My friends think that it’s weird. They don’t understand how a mum likes to have another mum in the house. They don’t understand.’

Sierra adds, ‘They have three times the love and support that one parent could give and their teachers even comment on how happy they are.’

‘We never want our children to feel like they have to hide themselves from us. We’re proud of who we are and we expect the same from our children.’

Luckily, the trio’s family are all hugely supportive of their controversial lifestyle – with Sierra’s parents even considering the children their own grandchildren.

As a result of this close bond, Christina and Benno decided to get a divorce, in order to strengthen their relationship with Sierra.

Benno explains, ‘we knew that being married was something that would exclude the other person from feeling included as part of our family so we decided that the best thing to do would be to get a divorce.’

Cristina adds, ‘we decided that I would marry Sierra first and then we would have a ceremony for all three of us afterwards. We felt it would make Sierra more secure in the relationship. Sierra never asked us for this but we said even before meeting her that we would never want a prospective partner to feel like we weren’t as committed to them as each other.’

Although the Cristina and Sierra’s marriage will be legally recognised, the couple will not be officially married to Benno due to US laws. But the trio remains hopeful that the laws surrounding polygamy will one-day change.

Benno says, ‘we have a love that I know is going to last for our lifetime.’


Watch the video above to find out more about their unusual family set-up!