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A pole-dancing instructor is proving that size doesn’t matter one bit when it comes to being sexy.

Ro’Yale, also known as ‘Da Queen of Curves’ is a super confident, plus-size pole dancer determined to promote body positivity with her show-stopping routines.

With her 30th birthday looming and having temporarily separated from her husband, Ro’Yale first started pole-dancing classes as a way to reclaim her identity.

Ro’Yale, now 36-years-old, explains, ‘I didn’t really know who I was anymore so I wanted to do something fun.’

‘Before I stated pole dancing I thought it was gonna be super easy, that we were gonna come in and swing around. I didn’t realise that it took a lot of strength and it took a lot of control of your body.’

‘My view of pole dancing before I started performing was mostly something that people that are strippers did, but I came to find out that the women I was taking classes from were everyday women – they were doctors, they were professionals.’

Fiya Starta, Ro’Yale’s first pole instructor at studio Vertical Joes, noticed there was something special about Ro’Yale from her very first class.

Fiya said, ‘she was just one of those magnetic type clients so I was instantly drawn to her.’

‘When we first met her, she was kind of in her shell. She was always very concerned about her clothes, always covering up and pulling her shirt down.’

‘We’ve seen such a transition and it’s a beautiful thing.’

‘She is sexy in a way that no one can teach her. It just comes from inside her. She always takes any pole trick and she adds her own personal style to it and that’s what I like about her.’


After a while, Fiya Starta was so impressed with Ro’Yale’s moves that she offered her the opportunity to teach her very own class called Vertically Voluptuous – aimed at plus-size women.

But although pole dancing has left Ro’Yale and the women she teaches oozing confidence – her husband Rahiem, who she has reunited with, doesn’t share her enthusiasm.

He explains, ‘when Ro’Yale first told me about her pole dancing the first thing I thought was that she had went over to the dark side. It was pretty bad. She has become, I would say, more confident. There’s negative that comes with confidence – confidence leads to becoming more outspoken in a way you shouldn’t be. Meaning she’s vulgar.’

Ro’Yale adds, ‘my husband did not react to it very well. He wanted to know why would that be something you’d want to do. And he didn’t feel comfortable with his wife being out there like that in front of other people.’

‘He’s still not comfortable with it but he understands that it’s something I’m going to do.’

Although Rahiem might not approve of Ro’Yale’s passion for pole, there are plenty of people that do, and her confidence-boosting classes are hugely popular.

Despite her success, Ro’yale isn’t done yet and hopes to help even more women to climb the pole and embrace their fuller figures.

She says, ‘my specific goals as a pole dancer are to compete more in the competitions scene, to represent the curvy girls and hopefully that will inspire other ladies to try pole and get into competitions also.’

Good luck Ro’Yale! Watch the video above to catch her in action…