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Plastic surgery addict Monique Allen, 58, was left disabled and disfigured after almost 100 unregulated cosmetic procedures.

The retired government worker – who has had more than 200 hundred plastic surgeries – became obsessed with pumping liquid plastic into her body. And she estimates she has injected almost 12 litres during 75 backstreet ops.

It took 23 operations to achieve Monique's xxxx boobs

It took 23 operations to achieve Monique’s 38FFF boobs

Over the years Monique has had a staggering 23 nose jobs and nine breast augmentations – taking her to a whopping 38FFF.

But after decades of reckless operations Monique wants to speak out about the dangers facing unsuspecting women desperate for a quick fix.

‘I went in at the deep end with cosmetic surgery and I’ve ruined the natural good looks I had – I wish I had never done it,’ admits Monique.

‘I’ve probably had around 200 operations over the years, many of which I can’t remember.

‘More and more people are dying from illegal silicon injections – many of them young women. I want them to look at me and see the dangers. Now I struggle to walk and am registered disabled. I ignored the risks and now I have to live with the results.

‘I have severe circulation problems caused by silicon migrating to different parts of my body. Some skin on my legs has died, which I have to cover over with make-up.’

Monique was born a boy

Monique was born a boy

And she admits that even though her surgery addiction has resulted in her extreme appearance, she still craves one more nose job.

Transgender Monique had gender reassignment surgery aged 22 and soon after achieved the D cup breasts she desired through surgery. She next turned her sights on her nose, which has been an obsession over the years.

But after turning to silicon to enhance her curves, Monique became hooked and began seeking out treatment with unregulated doctors.

Twice-married Monique, who is now single, said: ‘In my twenties and thirties, as soon as I had a couple of hundred dollars I would head to Tijuana to have illegal silicon injections.

‘The doctor would numb you then attach a funnel to whichever part of your body you wanted, then screw a vial of silicon on and pump it in.

‘I was so reckless but I was obsessed with having more,’ admits Monique. ‘Once I saw a dark cloud appear under the skin where the silicon was going in – but even that didn’t phase me.

‘I was completely addicted and unwilling to think of the risks. My family begged me to stop but all I cared about was having more.

‘Even now I would like anther nose job but doctors turn me away, but I understand why,’ she continues. ‘I’ve come to the realisation that I have a problem and I’m taking steps to address it.’

Reputable surgeons refuse to carry out any more ops on Monique

Reputable surgeons refuse to carry out any more ops on Monique

Yet despite being ravaged by her addiction, Monique is celebrated on the LA party circuit where she performs her music as Glamorous Monique.

Monique, who holds the record for the longest serving transgender state employee in US history, says, ‘I love to party and everyone knows who I am. I write and perform my own songs at clubs in Los Angeles and have a huge fan base.’

Over the last few years Monique has spent more than £100,000 having silicon removed from her legs, bottom, cheeks and chin.

‘Silicon was never meant to be put in the body in such large doses as is common now,’ says Monique. ‘I’ve heard of “pumping parties” where people go to have vast amounts of silicon injected into their bodies.

‘I want young women to look at me before they think about getting unnecessary and dangerous cosmetic work done.

‘A lot of this stems from low self-esteem, which is something I am now coming to terms with.’