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When Veronica walked into his office, plastic surgeon David Matlock knew it was love at first sight, so he decided to change everything!

After giving birth to her daughter Isabella, Veronica sought out David’s practise for a vaginoplasty, but ended up with much more than she bargained for!

Veronica explains that he offered her a ‘Wonder Woman makeover’, which involved liposuction of multiple areas including the chin, arms and thighs, as well as laser vaginal rejuvenation and ‘Brazilian butt’ augmentation.

‘She opted for everything that I suggested,’ smiles Dr David, ‘even marriage!’

The couple burst into laughter, with Veronica adding that he even proposed on their first date.

But David didn’t stop at building the perfect wife, he also wanted to create a beautiful body for himself, undergoing surgery using techniques that he developed several times.

His state-of-the-art fat implants into his biceps, triceps, pecs and calves have proved popular in the world of body building. Many competitors now seek out Dr David for these revolutionary procedures. The Matlocks have even started competing themselves!

Despite what she sees everyday, 9-year-old Isabella has no desire to imitate her parents.

Like most kids, she hates healthy food, and hasn’t given in to the fitness craze.

But most impressively, she seems to shun the idea of going under the knife herself one day.

‘I would never really want to get surgery because it’s not really you,’ she says. ‘I want to be myself.’

But this doesn’t stop David and Veronica. The couple are still undergoing procedures, gruelling diets and rigorous exercise regimes.

‘I watch my weight, and I watch my wife’s weight too!’ laughs Dr David.


What do you think of David’s pursuit of perfection?