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Plastic pals Pixee Fox and Rodrigo Alves recently travelled to Istanbul, Turkey – but this was no ordinary holiday!

The pair, who have been dubbed the real-life Barbie and Ken, spent their time at the Zorlu and Estetik International clinic where they underwent a 5-day long body blitz.

Rodrigo’s treatments cost him over £23,000, whilst Pixee’s total came in at an eye-watering £30,000.

26-year-old Pixee says, ‘every one asks the same question: How much money have you spent on your plastic surgeries, but I don’t see it as spending money – it’s investing.’

‘You don’t spend money on an education, you invest in an education. You invest in a company and I invest in myself into making myself an icon.’

During her stay Pixee not only indulged in a gory ‘vampire facial’, she also underwent a very unconventional ‘genital beautification’, which she hopes will help transform her into plastic perfection.

She says, ‘I want to try all the different procedures on the market. For me, this procedure is just for beauty reasons and aesthetic reasons but for most people it’s for medical reasons.’


‘I am not really a super sexual person and I’m not doing this to be sexy for anyone. I’m doing it because I’m passionate about it.’ 

‘Barbie doesn’t really have genitals it’s really flat. It’s like vaginal beautification.’

Meanwhile Brazilian born Rodrigo, who is best known for his 6-pack implants, opted for liposuction to remove 3 litres of fat from his body, which he then had injected back into his butt for a perkier posterior.

Despite having undergone over 100 surgeries and procedures between them, both Rodrigo and Pixee are adamant that they are not addicted to plastic surgery, and deny that they suffer from body dysmorphia.

Pixee says, ‘there’s a lot of people who say I have body dysmorphia or I need to go to a psychiatrist.’

Rodrigo adds, ‘There is no such thing as being addicted to plastic surgery. I just have a high standard of self-worth. I love myself.’

‘I’m never gonna get old.’

‘There are amazing procedures nowadays that I can do, that you can do, that improve yourself.’

‘I look in the mirror and think, ‘wow, I look great!’ I look perfect in my eyes.’

Each to their own! Watch the video above to find out more about their trip but be warned – it does contain scenes that some viewers might find distressing.