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You might remember model and former electrician Pixee from the video of her having 6 ribs removed in order to create an excruciatingly small waist. And she’s not stopped there on her plastic surgery quest for perfection!

She travelled to India from Sweden to visit one of just a handful of surgeons who are willing to carry out surgery to change her eye colour. And of course – Pixee won’t be going for something nice and natural! She’s opted for a bright aqua colour, so she can achieve her dream of looking just like a cartoon character.

‘There are 6 billion people in the world – why should everyone look the same. That’s boring!’


Pixee’s eye during surgery

Pixee claims she’s been thinking about changing her eye colour ever since she was small, but only found out the surgery existed just three years ago.

Well aware that her unique look is always met with criticism, Pixee is sure her latest surgery won’t be any different.

‘People are going to look at the pictures and say – oh my God! She’s crazy! She’s so stupid! Why is she doing that? She was so much better before! Why is she destroying herself? I’m used to hearing that.’

The innovative surgery is performed by doing one eye per day, over two days, just in case of complications. It’s also performed without anaesthetic whilst the patient is awake – which we imagine is pretty scary!

After the surgery, Pixee suffered from very blurry vision, but was still delighted with her new eyes.


Pixee after having one eye altered

‘I think it suits me and it’s an eye-catching colour. It’s extreme and something that you can’t really have naturally.’

The trauma of having an operation – and the $5,000-$6,000 dollar price tag – might put some people off having more surgery – but not Pixee. She’s already busy planning her next moves, including getting bright white veneers, bum and hip implants, and making her teeny waist even smaller.

‘The record right now is 15 inches, and I want to go down to 14 inches. By the end of the year I will probably try to go for the record.’

We can’t wait to see what she does next!