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If ever you needed to see proof of the power of parental love, this heartbreaking video is it.

Having found their daughter Likun 16 years ago, abandoned in a hallway of the hospital where she works as a cleaner, mum Li Huanme, from north China, took in the baby, and she and her husband have brought her up as their own ever since.

Li Huanme feeds her daughter Likun

Li Huanme feeds her daughter Likun

Likun was born with cerebral palsy, leaving her with severe movement and co-ordination difficulties. She even struggles to swallow food. And so it is that the loving parents began to help her to eat by first chewing her food before transferring it into their daughter’s mouth; a process which takes six hours a day.

Li Huanme explains: ‘If we use a spoon to feed Likun, the food will be cold, and I don’t want her to only have cold food in her tummy. By doing it mouth to mouth, it will be warm, and using a spoon isn’t convenient as she spits out the food.’

Likun’s adopted dad Zhao Yuchun currently cares for her as Li Huanme was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Despite other family members having their doubts about Li Huanme and Zhao Yuchun keeping Likun as a baby, the couple wouldn’t consider anything else.

Li Huanme says: ‘Likun’s own mother had already abandoned her once. How could I do that to her? I found her in February in the hospital I work in. Babies are abandoned very often here but usually someone takes them straight away. Likun was there for days, maybe because she had some problems.

‘It was very cold and I felt so sorry for her. On the third day, I thought to myself, “Maybe I should bring her home?”

‘I thought she was dying and at least she would die at my home and not out in the cold alone. She was almost frozen. I spent two days just warming her feet and I tried my best to keep her alive.’

Devoted dad Zhao Yuchun cares for his daughter while his wife has treatment for cancer

Devoted dad Zhao Yuchun cares for his daughter while his wife has treatment for cancer

Li Huanme and Zhao Yuchun succeeded in reviving the cold Likun and decided to adopt her as one of their own.

Now Li Huanme says: ‘This is my fate. All I could do is try my best. As long as Likun lives one more day, I will take care of her one more day. No matter what.’

Her husband adds: ‘I raised this one and if I give up she will perish. Her biological parents gave her up once but we will never do that.’