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‘I guess I’m famous for celebrating Christmas every single day,’ says Andy Park, also known as Mr Christmas.

The 50-year-old from Melksham, Wiltshire has been enjoying what crooner Andy Williams called ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, nonstop since 1993!

Andy’s home is eternally adorned with seasonal decorations, and he’s always excited to see the presents under his Christmas tree every time he walks downstairs. He often hands these fully wrapped gifts out to passers by, but there’s always a daily present for Mr Christmas himself.

‘The best present I ever bought myself was a Mercedes,’ he beams, standing beside the pristine vehicle. ‘Ain’t she beautiful?’

He plants a mighty kiss on the bonnet of the car, which also sports a numberplate reading ‘Mr Xmas’, and merrily skips off with the exuberance of a small boy.

The Man That Celebrates Christmas Every Day!His passion is almost similar to that of Scrooge after his life-changing experiences with the ghosts of Christmas, but it’s incredibly difficult to imagine Andy ever feeling any kind of contempt for the holidays.

Andy’s certain that he’s spent around half a million pounds on his year-round Christmas. This has gone towards decorations, gifts, cards and food.

That’s right. Mr Christmas eats a full festive feast 365 days a year, consisting of turkey, veg, Champagne, plus there’s crackers to pull, of course.

‘Thousands of sprouts, I just couldn’t count the sprouts,’ says Andy. ‘You name it, it’s there.’

Between posting his own cards to himself, and having a ready supply of mince pies on his living room table, Andy believes he spends around £168 a day on his festive obsession.