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This yoga-loving couple has taken downsizing to a whole new level by swapping their home for a 105ft2 EarthRoamer.

Jenna Rosene and Josh Biro now travel around the world in their beloved van, along with their two children, 6-year-old Arjuna and 1-year-old Lux.

Although they’re the first to admit that space is tight – the couple claim they have enough room for everything the family needs onboard the van.

Jenna says, ‘we have a few boxes of sentimental things and some winter stuff in storage but otherwise the truck, the EarthRoamer, is our home base now.’

Josh says, ‘we are a family of four, so it’s tight! But we have everything we could possibly need.’

‘You find every single square inch of space – or cm of space – to put stuff!’

Josh and Jenna have always loved to travel, but they made the drastic decision to leave their comfortable life behind after tragedy struck their family.

Jenna explains, ‘We had a daughter between Arjuna and Lux named Zama and she passed away when we were travelling in Ecuador two years ago.’

‘She died just before she was 2 years old.’

‘Her passing definitely affected our decision to travel.’

‘I think it made us realise too that our time here is finite.’

Josh says, ‘we went to a standard, tourist beach and to these archways. And that day, at that exact moment, only on that one arch, right where we were standing, a rock let go.’

‘It hit Jenna and hit Zama and she was just too little.’

‘It’s easy to get caught up in the comfort of your routine. I don’t think that we were people who lived from fear in any way but after this experience it just amplified a lot of what we already believed.’


Now, having previously owned a yoga studio and both being fully qualified teachers, the couple now earns their living from teaching yoga classes in the places they visit.

Jenna says, ‘we started contacting studios on the road and guest teaching. So we would show up and teach a few classes and stay.’

‘Pretty soon they started asking us more questions about owning our studio and the business aspect of things so that kind of evolved into us providing business coaching for studios on the road as well.’

So far, this nomadic family has visited Canada, the United States and Mexico. They are now hoping to travel all the way down to Argentina, and have no plans to give up their travelling lifestyle anytime soon.

Josh says, ‘we’re moving much slower than we anticipated – but in a good way!’

‘For me, the highlights of our trip so far have been some of the really unexpected places.’

‘When you’re constantly moving from one spot to the next they’re all novel at least for a short period of time!’

Jenna adds, ‘travel was definitely part of our lifestyle before, now it’s a permanent part of our lifestyle.’

‘We’re the nomad yoga family!’

Watch the video above to take a look inside their van and see some of the incredible places they’ve visited so far!