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Nina has made more than $1 million from her sugar daddies over the years – and has no problem splashing the cash and enjoying her lavish way of life.

‘The best part about being a sugar baby is the lifestyle. Vacations every month, not having to worry about paying your bills.’

A huge chunk of Nina’s money has gone on transforming her look through plastic surgery. She’s had three nose jobs, expensive hair extensions and four boob jobs – taking her from a 34D to a whopping 34H!

Nina’s surgery is all part of looking her best for her sugar daddy, and he’s more than happy to fund her shopping addiction too!

‘He loves it when I dress up, he calls me his little Barbie doll!’

Nina is honest when it comes to talking about the sexual side of their relationship, and insists that sugaring is very different to being a prostitute.


‘A sugar daddy invests in a woman that he feels has the potential to be an asset in his life. A prostitute is not an asset. With being a sugar daddy, and a sugar baby, you don’t necessarily have to have sex. I mean with me and my sugar daddy, he had already invested about 30,000 dollars in me before we even had sex.’

While it sounds like sugaring can be a controversial career choice, Nina believes that being a sugar baby lets her keep up with more traditional family values. She’s saved up the money to send her children to college, and has been able to give up work to spend more time with them.

‘I think there are a lot of broken families nowadays that could benefit from a mum being available to raise up their children.’


She’s even introduced her current sugar daddy to her children, once she felt they had built a trusting relationship with him. Her daughter Juliana has nicknamed him ‘Santa’ – and clearly approves of her mum’s lifestyle choice.

‘What I’m wishing is that we live in a big beautiful home, mum is a top sugar baby and that she gets married to ‘Santa.’’


Juliana is even keen to follow in her mum’s footsteps and find a man who ‘pays for everything’ as it’s a ‘gentleman thing to do.’ And Nina is more than happy to support her daughter’s hopes to become a sugar baby, especially as she doesn’t feel women have the same role to play in society as men.

‘If back in time, I had the opportunity to vote for women’s rights, I’m sorry – I know I’m going to get bashed for this – but I would have rather stayed at home.’

Well, her views and job might be controversial, but Nina’s is happy to have the final word when it comes to her critics.

‘My life is wonderful. I’m blessed. I’m too blessed to be stressed over haters.’