A single mum has spent over £20,000 on her 22-month-old pouting pageant baby – and says she is proud to excessively spoil her daughter.

Carer Jas Sullivan, 23, has splashed out on £15,000 worth of designer clothes for her only child Minnie-Beau.

Minnie-Beau and her mum Jas

Minnie-Beau and her mum Jas

And among the traditional Spanish frills and sophisticated furs sit an array of flamboyant beauty pageant costumes – including a corset-style dress and a ruffled two-piece bikini.

Now Minnie-Beau is making a name for herself on the beauty pageant scene with her trademark pout setting her apart from her rivals.

The dainty tot is dripping in £1,000 worth of gold jewellery and has hair extensions and a full face of make-up applied before every stage appearance.

But not everyone agrees with Jas’ parenting style.

Jas, from Plymouth, says: ‘I’ve been accused of sexualising my daughter but the people that say that are the ones with the sick thoughts – that doesn’t even enter my mind.

Jas insists there's nothing strange about her daughter's clothes

Jas insists there’s nothing strange about her daughter’s clothes

‘It’s just like a dance competition – you get marked on your routines, your outfits and your make-up too.

‘I’ve spent probably around the £20,000 on Minnie and she’s worth every penny.

‘She is spoilt but she’s not a spoilt brat and she appreciates everything I give to her.

‘She got her pout from copying me and now everyone knows her for it – her personality is amazing.’

Before Minnie was even born, Jas had spent thousands on her wardrobe, including a £300 christening dress.

When she was just 4 months old Jas took her to have her ears pierced so she could wear ‘lovely gold hoops’.

‘I know some people don’t agree with it but haters are going to hate,’ says Jas.

‘Everyone’s going to have their own opinions, and my opinion is my daughter was not too young to have her ears pierced.’

Minnie took part in her first competition when she was just 18 months old after Jas saw a TV show about pageants.

And the youngster dazzled the judges with her hair and eyelash extensions and £600 worth of outfits.

Her make-up regime included blusher, eyebrow pencil and coral lipstick, and her tiny nails were painted a brilliant white.

The tot wore sparkly studs in her ears and blew kisses as she danced onstage, before taking the titles of Division Supreme Queen, Best Dressed and Best Personality.

She has since competed in three more competitions.

Minnie-Beau is a pageant star

Minnie-Beau is a pageant star

In total Jas has spent over £1,500 on pageants and has no plans to slow down, despite facing harsh criticism from strangers.

‘Somebody commented on a picture of Minnie-Beau at a pageant and asked why I was dressing my daughter inappropriately and like a prostitute.

‘This is a controlled environment, a pageant, and in my eyes, it’s not at all sexualising your child – it’s all totally innocent.

‘I don’t care what anyone says, I work hard to provide for Minnie and we do what makes us happy.’