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39-year-old Amanda Love is so obsessed with achieving ‘plastic perfection’ that she’s already spent over £200,000 to achieve her Barbie doll look!

And it’s not hard to see where the money has gone once you take a look at Amanda’s extensive beauty regime! She’s already had three boob jobs to inflate her bust as well as frequent fillers and Botox injections – all on top of her regular of blow dries, eyebrow threading and manicures!

Looking far younger than her 39 years, it’s difficult to believe that youthful-looking Amanda is a full-time mum of four kids. And when the family-loving mum first met her husband Paul Sweeny aged 21, she was still a fresh-faced natural beauty.


Paul explains, ‘When I first met Amanda she’d had no plastic surgery at all. She still had the blonde hair and the beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile.’

‘She was just natural and she looked beautiful.’

But the couple were only together for a matter of months before Amanda revealed her plastic surgery plans to Paul.

‘Amanda told me that she wanted to have a boob job when I was with her for about 3 months. It was nothing that bothered me as, as I say, I’m a boob man anyway! She said she wanted to go bigger and I supported her because it’s something she wanted to do.’


Thanks to Paul’s support Amanda went through with her boob job, but was bitterly disappointed with the results, as her new bust wasn’t as big as she dreamt it would be.

‘When I first had surgery I was so disappointed with the outcome. I was actually crying, as the outcome was so bad. I was hoping for these big round boobies and they weren’t, they were just horrible and not as good as I thought they would be.’


Now Amanda is planning another boob job and would like even more plastic surgery in the future.

‘I’ve got a boob fund raising for my next boob job so I’m trying to raise money for that now.’

‘I want my ribs removed. I want that tiny, tiny waist. I want my bum done and then I want my facelift.’

But how does busy mum Amanda make the money for all of this surgery? Well, when she’s not busy looking after her kids Amanda is posing in saucy outfits for her thousands of Instagram followers and fans.

‘I have fans that want me dressed for them, like they’ll buy me something and I’ll put it on. And my theme for the week will be their theme and I’ll wear what they want me to wear.’


Although Paul is more than happy with his wife’s choice of hobby (and even helps her to take the photos!) he draws the line at her plans for more surgery.

‘I’ve always thought Amanda was beautiful because I was with her before she had any surgery. She’s come up with this crazy idea she wants her ribs removed so I’ve said, ‘no chance with that’. I think it’s just pushing the limit too far.’

But despite her husband’s fears, Amanda is vowing to carry on.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever stop surgery. It’s my goal to look plastic. My passion for plastic perfection!’