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47-year-old Allegra Cole has changed her life beyond recognition.

The busty glamour model was raised as a strict Mormon in Utah, before turning away from her faith and moving to California.

She explains, ‘I grew up a Mormon girl so pretty sheltered and pretty unexposed to things. My upbringing was very conservative and as I got older it was not so enjoyable. I felt it was more constricting and confining.’


‘I believe fundamentally in a lot of good things about the Mormon Church but I could see myself starting to think outside the box and with Mormonism that’s not necessarily embraced.’

Stepping away from her humble beginnings and tranquil life as a piano teacher, Allegra entered the world of body enhancement – and hasn’t looked back since!

She explains, ‘in my first breast augmentation I went from a full C to a full DD. It didn’t feel like it was enough for me because bigger is better, right?!’

Now, after three breast augmentations, Allegra’s boobs measure a whopping 54-inches. During her most recent operation, Allegra had tissue expenders fitted which allow her to further inflate her boobs with saline from the comfort of her own home.


As a result of constantly growing her boobs, Allegra has no idea what cup size she is now – but the last size she remembers was a 38HHH.

She says, ‘at nearly 50 I’m still growing my breasts so that’s kind of a cool thing, right?’

Alongside her boob jobs, Allegra has also splashed out on lip fillers, Botox, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift – totting up to an eye-watering $75,000.

Despite the hefty price tag, Allegra couldn’t be happier with her look and now earns a living from marketing her head-turning figure on social media.

But as well as flaunting her assets, Allegra also wants to use her online presence to prove that having big boobs doesn’t make you a bimbo.

She explains, ‘I want to be the 21st century poster woman for carrying big breasts and making them be classy and still not just be pigeon holed as maybe in the porn industry or as stripper or all those sex worker jobs. You can be sexy and sensual and still have something more to say, something more to offer.’

‘I like the challenge of seeing how big I can go and still maintain some measure of class and sophistication.’

And for now, despite doctors warning her about the perils of over-inflation, Allegra has no plans to stop growing her assets anytime soon.

She says, ‘would I go bigger? Absolutely! I don’t close the door on any opportunity. I’m almost 48 in May and if I’m looking like this at 48 – I’m not really worried about the future.’

Watch the video above to see just how much attention Allegra attracts when she’s out and about.