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Shaun Ellis from Devon is an ex-soldier who has successfully integrated himself into a wild wolf pack.

The 47-year-old lives as his canine comrades do, he eats only meat and barely washes in order to be accepted by the wolves.

‘The actual integration of the pack itself began when the wolves were only a few days of age,’ explains Shaun. ‘I still consider myself to be part of that family.’

His unusual researching techniques have earned him the nickname The Wolf Man, and he’s now teaching his animalistic skills to his new wife Isla, 30.

‘I always had an image in my head of my ideal man, and obviously you don’t think you’d ever meet that person,’ Isla says, ‘but I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams.’

The Real Life Wolf Man

The couple met through their shared passion for Native American culture, and tied the knot in 2012 in a traditional Native American ceremony.

As he drags a large severed horse leg into their domain, the wolf pack begins to circle, and Shaun explains that they tuck into a huge chunk of meat like the one in question once a week.

He also tells the camera crew about which wolf is the dominant male, alpha female, enforcer, and so on. And that their social positions and what part of the carcass they’re allowed to go for would’ve been established well before the food arrived.

‘I don’t think there’s anything special about me,’ Shaun says, ‘but there’s certainly something special in the animals I work with.’

The Wolf Man hopes to show people that we can co-exist with wildlife, and even though some people would dismiss the wolves as savage killers, Shaun wishes to improve their reputation.

‘I’ve come to love them as family,’ he insists.

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