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German-born Martina Big is the proud owner of 32K boobs – and plans to make them even bigger!

Before becoming a full-time model, Martina worked as an air hostess. It was there she met her high-flying boyfriend Michael, a pilot.

Now life is very different for the couple, after Martina quit her airline job to focus on getting the body she’d always dreamt of and Michael became her manager.

With popular Martina booked for two modelling jobs every day, they still live a jet-set lifestyle though, travelling all over Europe for photoshoots. Some photographers booking her simply because they’re fascinated by her looks…

‘I noticed that some people only book me thinking ‘Wow! That big! I can’t even imagine it. I’m definitely going to book you just to have a look, just to see in reality how big something like this is.’’


Martina Big

She might be a natural in front of the camera now, but Martina hasn’t always been so confident about her body. As a youngster she admired Pamela Anderson’s surgically-enhanced figure, and dreamt of having a body like hers.

‘Even when I was a child I was fascinated by her curves in Baywatch.’

Martina considered altering her body for years, but finally took the plunge in 2012, with a staggering €50,000-worth of surgery. This included narrowing her hips, legs, waist and nose, getting veneers, having lip fillers, and of course her boob job. But it doesn’t stop there!

The boob job Martina had means she can add fluid to her boobs, via a port and hose, to increase their volume, without the need for more surgery.

She’s now had six separate procedures to increase the volume of her boobs – growing them from 650ml to 2,500ml in each boob.

But what would Martina say to people who felt she was putting her health at risk?


Martina’s refillable breasts

‘Well, the doctor is controlling this very well and it’s obviously an interesting and unusual project, but it’s nothing dangerous. If there was any indication during the check-ups that for example the breasts have become too heavy and my rib cage is about to deform, then of course we would stop it. But at this point all is well and I have no concerns.’

Although that’s good news, Martina admits receives mixed reactions from strangers when she’s out and about.

‘The opinions differ. Some admire me for my courage. I am flashy, no matter what I do or what I wear. When I am walking around in a skin tight t-shirt, I have seen people on a bike riding past and then driving into a lamp post. That is definitely funny.’

But this glamour girl’s not done yet, her dream is for each breast to be 5,000ml!