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With summer in sight, most of us are lusting after a golden glow – but Martina Big has gone one step further in her quest for a tan!

Desperate to transform her pale skin into a ‘crispy brown’ tan, the busty German glamour model turned to her doctor.

And after just three tanning injections, which work by increasing the melanin in your skin, Martina is practically unrecognisable!

She admits, ‘I am a little bit browner than I first expected.’

‘I want to have really dark skin because I like the nice contrast of my long blonde hair.’

Although she has received some negative reactions from her fans, Martina’s boyfriend Michael absolutely loves her new deep tan. So much so, he’s now started having the injections himself!

He says, ‘a lot of people ask Martina, ‘is this fake tan – is it a spray or a cream?’ but this isn’t fake tan, it is a real tan. You can’t remove this tan with oil or soap.’

‘I like the tan that Martina has right now very much. It is a very exotic look.’

Alongside her ‘crispy tan’, Martina couldn’t be prouder of her whopping 32S breasts, which her and Michael believe are the biggest boobs in Europe.

Michael says, ‘It’s a great feeling for me that Martina now has the biggest breasts in Europe and I think now in the course of time they will be the biggest breasts in the world.’

Former air hostess Martina first started having surgeries to change her look back in 2012, after her Michael encouraged her to start modelling.


Martina explains, ‘my first procedures started in May 2012. In the past I wanted to look like Pamela Anderson and Katie Price but their boobs are too small. Now I am a little bit like Jessica Rabbit but I am creating an excellent, unique Barbie doll look for myself.’

Martina before her surgery

Now, Martina has had over 20 different surgeries and procedures in her quest to become a real-life Barbie, all of which have cost more than $60,000 in total. This includes Martina’s very unique breast implants, which can be ‘pumped up’ with saline so she can increase her bust size at home, without going back under the knife.

Despite already having completely changed her appearance, Martina still has a long list of procedures she hopes to have done.

She says, ‘I don’t regret any kind of modification.’

‘My next procedure is enhancing my lips again, pumping up my boobs and at the end of summer my butt implants.’

Enhancing her body to look like a Barbie doll is one thing, but what would Martina say to critics who believe her dark tan could cause offence?

She explains, ‘A lot of people ask me, ‘are you going to copy African girls?’’

‘I look like an African girl but I’m not going to change my race. I am going to create a unique, exotic Barbie doll.’

‘I’m going to keep this look for a while. I am going to hold this dark skin but I’m going to push it to the darker side.’

For now, Martina has no plans to get rid of her extreme tan or stop in her quest to become a real life Barbie doll.

Michael says, ‘I think Martina follows her heart. Our dreams are the same and from change to change Martina becomes more beautiful.’