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Saskia might be a married woman, but she’s one of the rising group of people hiring the services of a professional cuddler. And she’s happy to splash out a whopping $80 (around £50) on a single hour of snuggling with a stranger!

She credits it for helping her to unwind and release tension, something that can be difficult to do when living a hectic New York lifestyle!

Her use of the service has certainly raised a few eyebrows, but Saskia insists that there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing and that her husband is happy with the arrangement.

‘Many people would think that it was odd that I access cuddling services because I’m married, but screw it. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.’

professional cuddler ian with client saskia

She’s been using the service for a year now and is ‘99% sure’ that her husband doesn’t get jealous, because neither view the cuddling as cheating. The couple live apart at the moment, and Saskia uses the service to satisfy her need for human contact.

Saskia might not view the service as a sexual one, but professional cuddler Ian is the first to admit that there can be awkward moments! ‘If I was with someone, and let’s say, there was a sexual moment, you learn to deal with that, you acknowledge it, but you don’t have to encourage it. In time it passes, and we’re able to focus on why we’re really there.’


Initially set up to combat the loneliness that living in a big city can bring, professional cuddling has become a huge business! Ian offers his services to a range of clients of a wide age range, including men, who just want to experience human interaction and touch.

professional cuddler ian with client saskia

And back at the office – the phone is always ringing off the hook! The company receives over 200 requests for cuddles per week. They currently have about 40 cuddlers on their books, and are always recruiting, hiring about 2 more every single week.

So, what do you think – would you feel awkward snuggling up to a stranger – or do you think you’d enjoy it?

Whatever you think – it’s clear how Saskia feels, ‘I’m not breaking an agreement with my husband, I’m not breaking the law. I’m just having something that’s really yummy and great. I’d recommend every single person try cuddling because it makes you feel human.’