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In 1965 Edward Smith became aware of his sexuality for the first time, at the same age as most boys.

‘Every kid that age awakens to their libidinal energy, but with me it was intense and certainly different to say the least,’ explains Edward, now aged 63.

In the intervening years Edward has had nearly a thousand lovers, and only one has been a woman.

A self-confessed mechanophile, Edward is sexually attracted to machines, and his conquests include Mustangs, Jaguars and even the TV helicopter Air Wolf. He reckons he has slept with 1,000 cars!

He wanders his yard kissing and stroking his beloved vehicles explaining that ‘some guys look at boobs and buns of beautiful women, I look at this and see what they might feel.’

Edward, who lives in Yelm, Washington describes his lifestyle as ‘a continuous, sincere, affectionate, and yes, sexual expression of love.’

As a young man he lost his virginity to a neighbour’s Volkswagen Beetle, and continued to experiment with cars and helicopters for decades until he decided to settle down with his long-term lover Vanilla, also a VW Beetle.

He bought her secondhand around 30 years ago, and experiences a powerful energy between them when he holds Vanilla in his arms.

Edward also keeps two other lovers, a 1973 Opal GT named Cinnamon and a 197 Ford Ranger called Flash, but Vanilla will always be his number one girl. They go out on romantic dates together, and Edward even tells Vanilla that he loves her.

So far there has been little scientific research into mechanophilia, but Edward insists that there are hundreds of others out there like him, who he has spoken to through internet chat rooms.

Despite his unusual tastes, Edward has good friends, such as neighbour Sarah.

‘He’s a wonderful soul,’ says Sarah, ‘he’s been a great neighbour to me and if he’s found something that makes him happy then that makes me happy.’


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