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No one will judge you for being shocked by these images – this is one of the most striking medical conditions the world has ever seen.

A Bangladeshi man is suffering from an incredibly rare medical condition that has caused bubble like tumours to grow all over his body.

Shadot Hossain Pramanik first noticed his condition aged 13 when a small tumour began to grow on his forehead, but over the last 5 years his condition has escalated with hundreds more tumours forming.

Local doctors have tried desperately to treat Shabot over the years with their limited resources, but so far nothing had worked and his condition has continues to worsen.

Now, Shadot’s condition is so severe that he is left in constant chronic pain, unable to wear clothing on his upper body and at risk of losing his sight if the rapidly growing tumours are not removed.

Previously, he was working as a labourer but is now unable to work due to the pain – putting immense financial strain on his family, alongside the emotional anguish of dealing with his condition.

Much of this strain has fallen onto the shoulders of Shadot’s desperate wife and carer Tajmohel Khatun.


The couple have three children, two grown up daughters who have married and left home, as well as a 12-year-old son who is so repulsed by the sight of his father that he barely speaks to him.

Heartbroken Tajmohel explains, ‘he is not able to do anything alone now – I even need to change his clothes. If he wants to use the toilet, he needs help to do that as well. He’s not able to sleep at night and sometimes we’re unable to sleep at all.’

‘I don’t talk to people about my problems. I don’t share my problems with other people. I have accepted my fate.’

Doctors believe that Shadot could be suffering from a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis, which causes tumours to form on the nerve tissue. It is likely that Shabot had the disorder from birth, but that it laid dormant for many years before striking later in life.

Thankfully, Shabot may finally be able to get help after a local social worker stepped in after hearing about his plight.

Mohammad Mamum Biswas was horrified when he first saw Shabot, and posted a photograph of him online appealing for help.

Luckily, the family have since received an offer of help from a surgeon working at the National Insititute of Neuro-Sciences & Hospital in Dhaka who believes he could treat Shabot.

Money is currently being raised to cover the cost of the trip, and hopefully Shadot will soon receive a full diagnosis and treatment for his condition.

Mohammad says, ‘hopefully, his life will become less tortured and he could have a normal life and be able to support his family and help his boy study.’