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41-year-old Nathan Sawaya was born in Washington but moved out to New York to become a corporate lawyer.

While his law career was successful, he often found himself yearning for something more.

‘I would spend 80 hours a week in a board room negotiating contracts,’ Nathan explains, ‘and I found at the end of the day I would need some kind of creative release.’

So he began painting, drawing and sculpting in his free time. But he soon found his calling when he started sculpting using Lego bricks.


In fact, he fell so in love with the little building blocks, that in 2004 Nathan left his law firm to become a full time Lego artist, and he’s never looked back since. His New York studio has become incredibly successful, and his work is admired worldwide, including a hugely successful exhibition in London’s, you guessed it, Brick Lane!

A glance around his studio reveals several examples of his creations. There’s a polar bear that nods its head, giant human faces, and even the heads of Homer Simpson and a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Some of the bigger pieces in his portfolio include a Hollywood billboard made up of 500,000 individual bricks, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton measuring a whopping 20ft long!

‘That’s currently on tour in Australia,’ beams Nathan.

He’s also earning a great living from his creative output.

‘The works sell for $10,000 to $20,000 generally,’ he says, ‘but I did sell a piece for six figures!’

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