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California based plus-size dancer Dexter Mayfield certainly hasn’t let his weight get in the way of his ambitions!

Dexter has always been bigger than his peers in the dance industry, but he’s learnt to turn this into a positive.

‘The lightest I’ve been as a dancer was maybe 240lb. At my last weigh in I was 325lb.’

‘Embracing my size has definitely been the longest battle. When I came into my 20s and I started to do what I love which is dance. I just really went to dance class just to do something fun, and I was keeping up with the professionals. I actually moved to Houston and that’s where I really dived in and became a full-time dancer. That really taught me to embrace my size, not only because I could do what people didn’t expect but simply because it made me happy. I felt good doing it.’

‘It’s been an amazing wild ride. I have been fortunate enough to work with Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Bareilles, Dreamworks and on the new Ghostbusters film.’

Unfortunately, as Dexter’s profile has grown, this has also made him vulnerable to receiving cruel abuse about his weight from online trolls.

‘When it comes to people criticising or judging me for my size, no one does it to my face. I’ll go online and read some of the comments and some of them they sting really hard but at the same time it’s like listen, I’m doing what I love, I’m excited to do what I love. So just focus on that, focus on the love and support and I get through it every time.’

‘I do love me as me because I’m different and something that gives me a signature within the industry. If it’s my choice, I love my body as it is but I’m not afraid to lose weight.’

And speaking of love – Dexter is now dreaming of finding someone special to share all of his success with.

‘I am extremely single! I am an acquired taste, as I like to say. Hopefully the man and love of my life comes along and everything will be roses and white picket fences.’

‘The hopes for the future for me is to be that triple threat. To be that dancer, to be that actor, to be that model that creates a brand for himself and inspires people.’

‘Whatever your dream is and whatever makes you happy, you can do it as you.’