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This man won’t let being born without arms stop him from achieving his goals!

Inspirational 45-year-old Madan Lal from India uses his feet to carry out daily tasks and had even become a successful tailor.

He says, ‘I was born without arms but that didn’t bother me during my childhood. My grandparents used to take care of me and help me with daily chores.’

But unfortunately Madan did face prejudice when it came to getting an education.

He explains, ‘since I was born I have struggled with life. In order to get an admission into school I had to go and ask the teacher, but the teacher refused to admit me into the school.’

‘I was disappointed and thought that I will show them by achieving something.’

‘My family also couldn’t afford to educate me. Then I thought, ‘the government won’t help me at all either.’ So I’ll have to do something to survive in this life. And that’s why I learnt this stitching work.’


Now, Madan has been working as a tailor for over 22 years. But it wasn’t easy when he started out.

Desperate to work and discouraged by the discrimination he faced in his own village, Madan made the decision to travel to Fatehabad in search for a tailor who was willing to train him.

Madan explains, ‘First of all, when I went to Fatehabad to learn stitching from a tailor, he initially refused to teach me.’

‘He said, ‘you don’t even have arms. How would you do stitching?’’

‘I said, ‘just give me one chance?’ He agreed and said, ‘Okay, you can come.’’

‘Then within ten to fifteen days, my teacher started saying, ‘you will become successful’ and I became very happy.’

Within a year, Madan’s hard work and determination had paid off as he opened a shop in his own village as a fully trained tailor.

He says, ‘that day I forgot all the sufferings. It was the best day of my life. I saw people coming to my shop to greet me. The whole village was happy, as if they were part of my family’

‘It’s not like the past anymore. I have won the confidence of everyone.’

Watch the video above to see Madan in action!