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Little Pranshu from Jalandhar in India has become a local star.

Since he was born, the 6-year-old has been told that he looks like the Hindi god Ganesha, who is the god of beginnings and the remover of obstacles, both spiritual and material.

‘My head and eyes are large in size. I look like Ganesh Ji.’


The people in Pranshu’s village, including his family, believe that he is the re-incarnation of the elephant headed god and come to him for blessings.

His dad Kamlesh couldn’t be prouder, and even calls his son by the god’s name.

‘My Ganesha, he is being prayed to even when people walk in the street. They say, ‘hail, Lord Ganesha, hail.’ And everyone takes his blessing and becomes happy. Even we become happy.’


Initially, local people visited their home to receive blessings from Pranshu but as it became too busy he now sits outside the local mosque once a week.

‘People come to me and I bless them.’

Jaswinder, a local resident, explains that Pranshu has become an important part of the community.

‘People here believe in him and pray to him a lot. Many people’s wishes have come true. They bow down their heads in front of him.’


So far, doctors have been unable to diagnose Pranshu’s condition, which means he cannot walk properly.

But despite his difficulties, Pranshu and his family are happy with his appearance and wouldn’t want to change it – especially as they believe it has brought them all good luck.

‘Everyone is a friend of mine in school and no one makes fun of me. When people call me Ganesha, it feels very good. I’m happy with how I look and I wish God always keeps me happy.’