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A transgender couple have pressed pause on their transitions in order to become parents.

Loved-up couple 20-year-old Liam Johnston and 30-year-old Racquelle Trammell share a unique bond, as they both knew they were born in the wrong bodies.

After coming out as transgender to their families, both Liam and Racquelle began the tough process of transitioning.

It was during this time, back in 2011, that the couple first met through a mutual friend. They quickly started dating and it wasn’t long before their relationship started to get serious.

Racquelle said, ‘How me and Liam met was one of those love stories that was never supposed to happen. He literally saved me from myself.’

Liam adds, ‘I love Racquelle. She has a nice soul, she’s just wonderful. I find I can be completely myself around Racquelle. She doesn’t try to change me and makes me feel totally comfortable. It feels good to be with someone who understands what I’m going through.’

Despite being well aware of the physical and emotional impact a natural pregnancy would have on them both, Liam and Racquelle longed for a baby of their own.

And, after plenty of discussion, they made the extremely difficult decision to put their transitions on hold.

Liam identifies as male, but was still able to get pregnant and give birth naturally. Racquelle had to stop taking oestrogen in order to ensure her sperm could fertilise an egg.


Racquelle admits, ‘it was a bittersweet experience watching Liam. I knew he wasn’t happy with himself but that he was making the sacrifice for a great goal that we both were trying to achieve. I could relate because I had to stop taking my hormones but obviously Liam went through the most.’

‘I can’t lie. I got really jealous of him. We had lots of conversations about what the all the kicks and flutters felt like.’

Liam adds, ‘before we got together we did discuss having children, so that was always in the back of our heads.’

‘I was happy doing the pregnancy, I will say that, because I was grateful but I didn’t really want that experience.’

In March 2016, they became the proudest possible parents to their daughter Aspen.

But although they now have the family of their dreams, the future still looks uncertain for the couple.

Since coming into power, the Trump administration has made moves to withdraw laws that protect trans people US.

Understandably, this has made Liam and Racquelle fearful for their future.

Racquelle says, ‘when it comes to the next four years, I worry about what’s going to happen. I hope someone teaches President Trump about a lot of things. We’ve always been a country that’s embraced diversity, but to put restrictions on children. I’m scared about what the future holds for transgender children and also for me and my family.’

Liam adds, ‘the future for us as a family would be to raise our child the best way we can and make Aspen a great person.’

We wish this gorgeous family all the best for the future.

Watch the video above for a glimpse into Aspen’s beautiful 1st birthday party!