Fearless Ellie Farmer proves age is nothing but a number as she scales walls as high as 30ft – despite being only 2 years old!

The talented tot, from Flagstaff, Arizona, regularly climbs at the gym with her parents without the use of a harness or safety ropes – and even has a climbing wall in her own room.

Dubbed the ‘little zen monkey’ by parents Zak and Rachael, Ellie began climbing before she could walk, frequently escaping from her crib as a baby.

Ellie's a rising star!

Ellie’s a rising star!

Mum Rachael and dad Zak decided to film one of Ellie’s climbs just to show it to friends and family. However, the footage made the fearless toddler an overnight Internet sensation and even landed her a chance to show off her skills on the Ellen show in the States.

‘Ellie started climbing when she was around 8 months of age, before she could walk which was cool to see,’ says Zak.

Ellie gets her love of climbing from her parents who are both competitive climbers. Rachael even continued climbing while she was pregnant with Ellie.

‘When I was pregnant I was climbing with her up to three days before I delivered and we continued our training after she was born,’ says Rachael.

Ellie learnt to climb before she learnt to walk

Ellie learnt to climb before she learnt to walk

While Zak and Rachael have been criticised for allowing Ellie to participate in an activity perceived as dangerous, they’re at pains to stress that they put safety first.

Rachael explains: ‘I worry about Ellie more on the playground than I do on the climbing wall. On the climbing wall she’s got those big crash mats, they’re spotting her all the time, we’re constantly with her.

‘On the playground she gets on some of the stuff and there’s only wood chips, I feel she can get hurt more on the playground.’

‘What we’re doing is fairly controlled,’ agrees Zak. ‘When she climbs she always climbs with a large crash pad underneath her.’

Zak and Rachael describe Ellie as a normal toddler who enjoys giggling and playing games.

Ellie is a normal. happy child, whether she's climbing or not

Ellie is a normal. happy child, whether she’s climbing or not

And while they want to avoid pressuring little Ellie into following in their footsteps, there’s no doubt she has a bright future in climbing should she decide to pursue it.

‘We certainly want to keep it simple and fun for her without forcing any expectations on to her,’ says Rachael.

‘To our surprise though, Ellie loves climbing more than we ever imagined. It’s difficult to get her to leave the gym some days because even after an hour of play she’s not done climbing.

‘We’re not really sure where all of this will go in the future. Perhaps as she gets older she’ll start competing in the USA Climbing series and attempt to qualify for youth nationals.

‘We just want to open as many doors as we can for her and support her in whatever she does. We have a feeling that she’ll be a climber for life though.’

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