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Larazo Roque and Mario Menendez share their home with a very unique collection!

The couple, who have been together for 6 years, first started collecting Disney dolls 3 years ago and have now spent an eye-watering $30,000 filling their home with their beloved figurines.

Their obsession started when Lazaro fell in love with a Cinderella doll whilst shopping on eBay and luckily, Mario shared his passion for all things Disney.

Mario explains, ‘I decided specifically to collect Disney dolls because I’ve always loved Disney since I was little.’

‘I was not really able to have dolls as a child just because when you’re a boy, your parents tell you, especially Hispanic parents, tell you, ‘you’re not supposed to play with dolls, it’s for girls!’’

Larazo adds, ‘Disney’s always been a huge part of my life. I’m a big fan of the movies. I used to watch them over and over and over again!’

‘If you put on a movie I can tell you all the words to those movies like the back of my hand! I watched them all the time.’

But what do their families think about their very expensive hobby?


Larazo jokes, ‘They think I’m crazy that I could have bought a house, I could have paid off our car, I could have been to Italy!’

‘They do appreciate it and they see how much it makes me happy so it makes them happy.’

Mario adds, ‘I always think about what I could have bought instead of the dolls. We probably could have travelled to anywhere!’

Despite having spent a small fortune on their Disney dolls, the couple still insist that they wouldn’t have it any other way – and have no plans to stop adding to their collection any time soon.

Larazo says, ‘when I look at the collection I feel really proud and they make me really happy because it required a lot of time, a lot of money and dedication to have these things.’

‘I’m really grateful and I’m thankful that I can have them.’

‘As long as Disney keeps producing them, I’ll keep buying them. But if Disney stops then that will be it for me’

‘Honestly, unless it was like a dire emergency where we needed money quick, I don’t think I’ll ever sell them.

Mario admits, ‘I wouldn’t want to imagine my life without them.’


Watch the video above to see their impressive collection for yourself!