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Inspiring teenager Julian Molina has come a long way since he lost his leg in a horrific bus accident.

The 18-year-old from Andes, Colombia, is hoping to launch a career as BMX rider, without using a prosthetic.

Bursting with energy, Julian spent much of his childhood skateboarding in his local neighbourhood. But one day, when he was just 7-years-old, his love of skateboarding nearly cost him his life.

Julian explains, ‘the mountainside of Mateo is known for loads of accidents that happen there. I was riding my skateboard there and got run over by a local bus.’

‘I was under the vehicle. My left foot got damaged. They took me to the hospital, then things got a bit complicated and I got gangrene.’

Heartbreakingly for young Julian the gangrene progressed to such an extent that doctors were forced to amputate his entire leg.

It was 7 long weeks before Julian was finally allowed to leave hospital, but his father Ruben encouraged him to stay positive despite his ordeal.

Ruben explains, ‘just after the accident, I kept telling him to keep going. Don’t be scared and keep going. He’s an example of how to overcome it for everyone.’

Motivated by the support of dad Ruben and his wider family, Julian decided to try BMX riding. Through selling chewing gum on the side of the road, Julian finally saved up enough money to buy his own bike by the time he was 12.


Incredibly, Julian had never ridden a BMX bike before his accident, but in just a few short months he became renowned locally for his incredible skills.

But despite his success, Julian still has big dreams to achieve.

Julian says, ‘my dream is to have my own BMX store here in Andes in a park so that people could have a ride. I’ve always had this crazy dream of having my store, my brand.’

And with such a positive outlook on life, we think the future looks very bright for Julian.

He explains, ‘the message I’d like to send to everyone is a phrase that always keeps following me by Mahatma Gandhi. He says that the power doesn’t come from the body but from the soul’s will. So it seems very beautiful what he’s saying because everything depends on our own will and if we don’t want to do something,

‘Nowadays I don’t really think about the accident. I have always been very content and happy. I make myself think as if it has never happened. In my mind, actually, I feel as if I never had that accident.’

Watch the video above to see Julian’s jaw-dropping skills!