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Little Jeremiah Barjolo Jr might be just 6-years-old, but he’s well on his way to becoming the best basketball player around!

Dreaming of a place in the NBA hall of fame, Jeremiah Jr trains for hours every day with the help of his doting dad.

The family, who live in Pennsylvania operate a strict ‘no days off’ policy in order to help little Jeremiah become the best possible player.

Mum Dororthy Dohanics says, ‘he comes home from school and he goes with big Jeremiah to basketball practice every single day. It’s usually 5 o’clock or so and they usually don’t come home until 8.30 or 9 most days.’

Jeremiah Jr adds, ‘I practice in the snow, I practice in the rain – I practice everywhere whatever weather!’

Sport runs in the family for Jeremiah Jr – his grandmother was a professional tennis player and both of his parents played sports at college level.


But it’s Jeremiah Jr’s dad, Jeremiah Snr, who passed down the basketball genes. He was a basketball star at college and now owns his very own coaching school where he teaches students of all ages – always making extra time for his star pupil!

Jerermiah Snr says, ‘I started working with Jeremiah when he was 2-years-old. We started in the kitchen just dribbling tennis balls.’

‘Then we’d do two tennis balls to get the feel of it. When he mastered it we moved onto the basketball and moved up little by little.’

‘We do a lot of footwork, some dancing drills because I want him to have rhythm when he moves the basketball. We try to mix it up as much as we can.’

Despite his young age, Jeremiah Jr is already building up a very impressive trophy collection, much to the delight of his proud parents.

Mum Dorothy says, ‘he’s so amazing, nothing surprises me any more.’

Watch the video above to see Jeremiah Jr run rings around the other players!