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The first woman in the world to have an artificial THIRD breast, Jazmine Tridevil is at war – with the people who claim she’s a fake.

‘Everyone hates me. I get nothing but negative comments. They think I am an attention whore – and it’s true! I’m real and I don’t care if you don’t believe me.’

So just why did Jazmine decide that the standard two breasts wasn’t quite enough for her? ‘Getting a third breast wasn’t always my plan,’ she says. ‘The reason I did it was I wanted to make myself unattractive towards men.’

You might imagine she would have been successful, but it seems that an extra boob doesn’t put some fellas off – even if it’s curiosity rather than sexual attraction that draws them to her. Not that Jazmine need worry, as the dominatrix keeps male ‘slaves’ at her beck and call, and claims that no less than 11 men have her name tattooed on them.


Most surgeons she approached to do the outrageous procedure, questioned her reasons and her sanity, but she finally found one who would do it – on the condition of anonymity. £12,000 and 90 minutes later, and Jazmine was transformed. But it’s come at a cost, as she hasn’t spoken with her mother since the op. ‘My mom disowned me, ‘ she says, but her dad is supportive of his daughter.

There have been claims that it’s all a hoax and that Jazmine in fact wears a prosthesis – a claim she strongly denies, blaming a ‘corrupt’ media who have it in for her.

So, would Jazmine do topless modelling to prove to the world that her three-breast chest is real? ‘No, I could never consider that. It’s just against the way I was raised.’